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Individual Counselling

  • The path to your authentic self

There are times in which we feel lost, down, angry, and stressed. During our time together, I will meet you at the delta between your past and future to listen to your story.

I will sit with you and help you to process your emotions and thoughts, endure hardship and grow your perspective.

Every session will provide a space for you to gain clarity, find healing, and draw closer to your authentic self to discover the direction you want your life to take.

Youth Counselling

Our teenage years can be an adventurous and enjoyable journey into adulthood but they can also be among the most difficult periods of our life.

At times, family and friends are not enough to navigate complex emotions, doubts and concerns related to self-esteem, identity, sexuality, and relationships.

I provide safe and beneficial support for youth who want to learn new coping skills to better address those challenges and flourish at home, school/work, and within their relationships and communities.

Family Counselling

Family is where our story starts. It is also where we tend to find support, unconditional love, and advice.

We cannot be fully understood and known in isolation but rather in relationship to those we love. However, a difficult period or a major transition can disrupt family cohesion.

Together, we will explore family dynamics, conflicts between parents and children, and other communication issues to restore mutual understanding and allowing personal growth within the family.

Tell me how I can help you

For any information about counselling or to see if I am the right fit for you, you can contact me to book a free 15 minute phone consultation.